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Rail Based (Wayside) Wheel Inspection System
WIS Models A16 and L32

The IEM Rail Based Wheel Inspection System provides precise measurements of flange thickness, flange height, rim thickness, and wheel diameter for moving wheelsets.

Two models are being field tested at a major railroad in the Northeastern USA. The AAR Defect Model A16, is designed for installation at the throat of the yard or on the upside of the Hump. The WIS automatically tags all cars with wheelsets exceeding AAR wear limits. With the option of being tied into the yard switching system, the WIS will be able to automatically route a car with a worn wheel to a trouble track. The Locomotive model, L32, is designed for the sanding/fueling station or repair shop and identifies wheels requiring truing and/or change-out. Furthermore, WIS automatically detects wheel cracks and flat spot/out-of-round wheels.

Rail Based (Wayside) Wheel Flat Spot and Out-of-round Detector
RBI Model 1000

The IEM rail based wheel impact detector provides high reliability with low cost. Through the use of our own proprietary technology we have been able to eliminate many of the most common field failures associated with the currently available technologies and accurately identify flat and out of round wheels.

Rail Based (Wayside) Wheel Crack Detector
The Ultrasonic System

This unique wheel crack detector allows the user to identify tread cracks without the need for a couplant. This system can operate at speeds of up to 15 MPH. The system has been tested for transit as well as freight traffic for the last several years.


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